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An OBX Body is a body healthy from the inside out.  Living from the inside out is almost a lost art. Not only can we nourish the stil small voice,  that lives from the inside out.  

One that knows the inner world is eternal

Internal Posture plays a HUGE role in health.  Heart and Mindset can take people places nothing else will.  (In health)

Living by the spirit, still small voice, Gut produces life like no other.

But sometimes it is hard to hear that still small voice? and gut

Not when you know the tricks?

Your Inner Posture can know more resiliency, hope, and health (Your Nerves and Fascia)


So I am sharing practical information and tools on how to be healthy from the inside out-

Blood, cells, nerves and fascia

Scripture says GODS PEOPLE perish for lack of knowledge.  Are you open to learning more?

Lets not forget Our Body.  It Is the temple of God?

Ultimately healing and resilency happens- in down time. When we are having fun....

So I want to make this as user friendly as possible. 

Each month I will send you a new practical Information on = meridians, elements, emotions, organs you might not have heard of

I will send you a therapeutic grade essential oil (of the month) and Pray for you daily.

You will have access to me and can email any time.

If you don't want to sign up for all 12 months- start with one.

It is $30

I will send you my face oil- that has essential oils of geranium rose, frankincense, myrrh in primrose and coconut oil.

I BELIEVE the most important thing we can do is - Keep an Attitude That Gives Our Face Some Shine.

Heart, Spirit, Mind Posture IS what creates success.

But there are other details that can be helpful.

So you will have access to me and I will pray for you (as an intercessor)) but I will also TEACH you 5 element theory basics and general information to help empower, the deepest you. 

Each month I will check in you 

OBX Bodyworker specializes in Deep Therapeutic Relaxation.  Nerve and Fascia Unwinding.  She has taught  Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Myofascial Massage, Acupressure and Aromatherapy.  Outer Banks Massage Therapu. 

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