I have realized over the years

The invisible is more real than the visible.

But how does one measure the invisible? Techically a lot earlier than one might imagine.



I would like to share about a couple systems I could almost guarantee you have not heard of. My speciality is nerve and fascia work.  Are you familiar with fascia? There is so much being discovered and uncovered right now.

I would like to take you on a journey.

A 12 month journey actually.

Only because, we truly grow at the pace of nature. Slow, and in order to truly process and absorb all the information, it will take time.



I will thoroughly teach you the bare necessities of self care basics.


The choices we make Shape up

Live Viscerally




What you will get

31 page ebook in Nerves, Fascia, and Essential Oils

Overview of (what I feel after 20 years in business) are the 2 biggest components to concentrate on when focusing on health

Educational PDFS

1 teaching email a month for 12 months



Last but not least, I bring you into my space and world

You have access to me

Ability to purchase OBX Body essential oils at a discount

I hold space for you / pray for you



An OBX Body is a body healthy from the inside out



Let's see how far we can go?

How To Know Your Invisable Self

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