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Pure Clove Bud Essential Oil has a spicy, warm aroma and stimulating, antiseptic properties.

Botanical Name: Syzygium aromaticum 
Origin: Indonesia
Family: Myrtaceae
Aroma: Spicy, warm, and rich
Perfume Note: Middle
Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled
Source: Flower buds
Main Chemical Components: Eugenol, beta-caryophyllene
Blends Well With: Basil, black pepper, cinnamon, citronella, grapefruit, lemon, nutmeg, orange, peppermint, rosemary, and rose essential oils

Description and Uses:

Clove oil has a spicy, warm, stimulating aroma, and is a favorite in the cooler months. Clove essential oil has antiseptic properties and is popular in mouthwashes and gargles. Clove has traditionally been used to relieve toothaches. We love using clove essential oil in a diffuser during cold and flu season and value its spicy, uplifting aroma.

Aromatherapy class: stimulating, energizing. 
Other Uses: muscle relaxant, soothing agent, warts, colds, flu, and fatigue. 

Clove essential oil is a powerful skin irritant and should be used carefully-- if using on the skin, use half of recommended dilution or less. In general, however, we recommend using this oil in a diffuser-not applied topically. Do not use during pregnancy. Do not use in baths.


Recipes Using Clove Bud Essential Oil:

Healthy Mouth Blend:

10 drops Peppermint essential oil
5 drops Spearmint essential oil
5 drops Cinnamon essential oil
5 drops Clove essential oil
5 drops Tea Tree or Manuka essential oil
5 drops Lemon essential oil

Blend these together, and add to 8 oz of water. We recommend adding a few drops of carrier oil (such as almond or jojoba) to the water to help disperse the essential oils. If you use just water you’ll need to shake well each time before using. After brushing, add a few drops to your toothbrush and gently brush teeth and gums. Rinse and spit–do NOT swallow! Or, use as a mouth rinse after brushing. You can adjust the strength to your taste by making the essential oil concentration stronger or more diluted. 


Clove Bud Essential Oil

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