OBX Bodyworker specializes in Deep Therapeutic Relaxation.  Nerve and Fascia Unwinding.  She has taught  Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Myofascial Massage, Acupressure and Aromatherapy.  Outer Banks Massage Therapu. 

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We Grow & Change At The Pace Of Nature

We grow at the pace of nature. Slow.

I believe we need to get back to understanding true Growth/Change happens at the pace of nature. Ever planted anything from seed? Ever started a exercise routine or diet Ever spent time with someone you don't like ;-) the word is #cumulative Present moment and Now = is so important. Every yes and every no= every (trust your gut instinct) matter The inner world is important to maintain. More so than the outer, bc it is in fact eternal. The fact is = Inner world disharmonies (in 5 element theory) actually cause disease and ultimately death. and I am talking about Th our Emotions. Your Inner Posture. How is your inner posture? #emotionscankillyou Your choices matter (Each Moment Choice) It is all cumulative. We grow at the pace of nature. So I want to reminded you, you are part of nature. Earth Medine is something to discover The elements (wind, heat, dampness) play a factor. Stay tuned 5 element theory is the New Science. Earth Medicine has been studied for 5000+ years Let's get back to thr natural - I hate hate hate when people 'give away power' to the doctor or anyone else You Should Know (and rule and reign) yourself better than anyone? so = back to the garden back to the ancient path we go back to understanding your emotions and internal posture matter, -we must metabolize. #maintainandcontain #nervesandfascia #paceofnature #everyyes #everyno #knowledgeispower #loveyou