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The elements and why to start with the kidneys 

The "elements" are the primary foundation in 5 element theory, after the yin and yang (opposites) principle. Each element has meridians/organs.

In general 5 element theory is about bolstering whatever element is indicated and in season.

Being in sync with nature is kinda the goal. With wind, heat, dampness

After yin and yang (opposites) it is all about the 5 elements.

All is based on universal energy and universal laws. (How things relate to each other, dampness, heat, cold dryness wind)

The 5 elements are: Wood Fire, Earth, Metal & Water.

Each element either generates or controls another element (Say what?)

Yes, each element helps control other elements and generates them as well.

There is a order in this system of balance.

The "generating and controlling cycle" create balance.

Wood generates/bolsters fire. Fire generates earth. Earth generates metal. Metal generates/bolsters water. Water generates wood. Check out the chart

You can enlarge to notice the attributes of each element. (Taste, age, season)


We all exist within the yin and yang principle. (Opposites) Yin is the soft feminine nourishing aspects of life, the shady part of the mountain. The dark, Quiet and Still aspects.

The yang is the fast paced, loud masculine aspect of life. The sunny side of the mountain. (Light and dark / fast and slow #opposites)

Each element has 1 yin meridian and 1 yang meridian (Except FIRE) 🔥🔥

Fire has 2 yin and 2 yang meridians/organs.

I always pay attention To The Extras in 5 element. !!! 🔥🔥

Why does fire have Extra organs/meridians?

I believe bc it is relates to Heart ❤❤

Eastern medicine is different than western. But still blood plays a huge factor. Blood, qi, lymph is what moves through meridians. The heart is the emperor, #1 in command, but after the heart, comes the kidneys.

The heart and kidneys are the couple at the top.

So we bolster heart 1st and kidney 2nd, as a rule.

But in general, we bolster the season and meridians associated with the season.

So, after heart (energetic heart)

We bolster kidneys (energetic kidneys)

But we can understand the importance of the kidneys without understanding the extra organs on the fire element.

The fire element contains the heart and small intestine meridians. Along with the pericardium and triple warmer.

Kidneys and the organ called triple warmer. It will share why we.generally apply essential oils to the 1st acupoint on the kidney meridian. Kidney 1

Emotions count just as much as environmental toxins when it comes to causes of death and disease.

Eastern medicine is different than western. But blood does play a huge factor. Blood, qi, lymph is what moves through meridians. Here is the chinese time clock


The heart is the emperor, it is always in charge ultimately but next but the kidneys (energetics) are in command. #will

Heart and will.

Literally the kidneys create our life essences. We really really want to guard our kidney essence. And heart.

It is because the kidneys are in charge of our truest Creative Life Force Energy We Apply Our Essential Oils To The 1st Acupoint On The Kidney Meridian. Kidney 1.

(Or solar plexus point on the reflex chart)

Apply your oils here:

Why are the kidneys so important? (And the heart?)

Your heart is the Core You

And the kidneys relate to your literal physical "jing" or life force essence.

We want more of your essence to linger? Right?


In 5 element theory -

Here is where we tie things together.

Or I do :-)

In order to understand, health

One must understand

We must honor and bolster our visceral self.

And there are more tissues and organs than you may know about.

But not after today.

Today is the day you become familiar with FASCIA and the "extra" organ (fire element) they don't account for in western medicine.. called The triple warmer

The triple warmer and pericardium are the extra organs in Chinese Medicine/5 element theory. All the other organs you have heard of.

But the triple warmer you may not be familiar with??

The triple warmer is simply the fascia that separates the 3 chambers of the core of our body.

Our Core is separates into 3 chambers (by fascia)

What is fascia?

Connective tissue.

I work with nerves and connective tissue. :-)

So the upper chamber of the core holds the heart and lungs. The middle houses the stomach and spleen. And the lower chamber has the sexual organs, intestines and Kidneys.

In 5 element theory. The lower burner should be the healthiest area of the body, bc it feeds the rest.

In 5 element theory everything is an analogy.

The lower burner is the fire, that boils the water in the middle burner and gives respiration to the heart and lungs

The lower burner is the thing to bolster.

And kidneys are YIN

The most Yin.

Since 5 element theory is all about being in season with the element/meridian "of the hour"

We work and bolster the kidney and bladder meridians in Winter.

Kidney and bladder are the meridians of the water element.

The water element is related to winter, cold, salty foods, grief, and groaning in TCM.

Yin is all things going in

And yang is all things going out.

Check out the kidney meridian.

It is VERY YIN #in