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Spirit shows up in the body. But where 

Ashli Marshall here.

OBX Bodyworker

I have been trying to figure a few things out

And thought I would share.

I am a bodywork therapist on the beach of NC. Former massage instructor and former staff member at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.

I am apparently a healer, lightworker, empath ~ way maker?

Hopefully making way for His heart? 🙂

This world could use a little more health and healing?

When we all do our part....

Alignment comes.

And ultimately

We are going for alignment?

Alignment is the goal

And it is The job of fascia.

(the tissue I am fascinated with #nervesandfascia)

Spirit, health, life and death show up in the Body

But where?

Are you in tune with your inner world?

Albert Einstein said the future of medicine would be in FREQUENCIES

I could not agree more. But I see frequencies as being - people :-)

What does "the future of medicine will be in frequencies," mean to you?

Sound and light therapy are popular.

Color has frequencies?

Stone and rocks have frequencies

Food, has frequencies

Essential oils, have frequencies

There are many many many many many

Frequencies, systems, methods, alignments

The best way to understand harmonized FREQUENCY

Is to understand big picture/and the smallest minut detail at the same time-

And whatever brings BALANCE in the middle.

The goal is balance,

Believe it or not

And balance happens when we are aligned rightly. In heart, posture, human relationships, relationships with all things.






Fascia is the largest organ in the body. (Spirit)

It had 10× more proprioceptors than muscle -

Literally letting us know where we are in time and space.

If you are out of Alignment, how do you know?

Generally you know in your gut. Or perhaps you know in your heart.

At heart <> our BONES hold a lot of info.

Are you living from your bones



When we are living in truth and spirit

We literally have more spark and life

When we are living with hidden sin, and in the lower frequencies (sin)

It LITERALLY brings death to the body.

Please do not think you can sin

And not bring down the vibe

some way, some how.

Your sin, greatly affects ME

no offense

We (humanity) are only as strong as our weakest link.

And when PEOPLE

Are not in alignment- healing does not happen.

The most important thin

anyone can ever do i:


Align with spirit

Align with breath

Align with YOU

That means


Be kind

Be patient

Be gentle

(That is the true character of God, so.if that is not you... .. um)

I encourage you to examine


Is there a melody, is there a harmony

Is there music

A dance


With your


You are PASSIONATELY loved

(from the inside)


Honor it

Honor Him

Get to know YOUR God, personally.

He is a teacher.

As a Bodyworker Therapist (massage therapist on the Outer banks *) of 20 years

It is spirit!

It is the invisible 💨

that creates life/death

It is the bottom line

So today?

Live from the inside out.

Celebrate truth

Embrace truth

Speak truth

Guard truth

Be aligned

Guard truth hard,

It is important

Listen to your gut

The job of FASCIA


the same as spirit


When we are IN the spirit.

We strengthen

A lot

(Us and others)

Fascia is a VERY hardy tissue.

Mostly collagen

But it is also very adaptable.

<> its greatest trait <>

🙂 #thixotrophy - so smooth ~~~~

Just like spirit

#things take on the form they are told

Grab the whip.

This is my favorite fascia video

I hope you can take the time to watch it


I am here to say!!

I am rooting for you, I am cheering for you

Please, pursue health and healing.

For humanity sake😁


I love shiny happy faces.

And I think

Having a shiny happy face is 90%


That is the truth I speak.

Mindset and a good attitude

Are 90%


I believe He wants to occupy US.

I see the plumb line as


Peace should always lead.

I can help retrain your #nervesandfascia

Your mindset, heart, spirit


But, really. Things take time.

True real growth

I hate to burst any bubble

Happens at the pace of nature.

We are actually a part of nature. :-)

So they say. :-p.

The elements.

I believe every human being would benefit from knowing basic 5 element theory. Or Traditional Chinese Medicine foundations.

To me, it is a science.

I trust nature, earth medine over man's inventions and good attempts # no offense.

I sorta wanna call people back to the ancient path. Purity. earth medicine, being natural.

There is

And there always will be

Health that only comes from

Tuning into your inner world.

Your breath, your blood, your bones

Some call that fasting,

Living from the inside out

Takes practice

But it is so worth it.

I encourage you today.

Trust your gut.

Honor your blood and bones

Be kind

And know -

Frequency is a thing.

Alignment is a thing

If you feel a connection, or intuitive Knowing about a person, job, ministry ----

That is

Your message of alignment generally speaking.

That is all for now.

Written from:

Ashley's Espresso Parol ✅

Kill Devil Hills NC

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