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Frequency & breath  /  The bottom lines

Updated: Feb 12

I believe life is an art, science, and battleground and it pays well to give attention to the battleground, the art and the science of life.

I"m not the bodywork therapist who says "go with the flow" at all times. #om. Nor I am the one who is not flexible. I am the therapist who says, 'we live and learn and grow, daily, at the pace of nature.' It is what we do daily that makes a difference! Thinking big picture is crucial however. It is the sum of our days that count.

What is the best way, do you think, to pursue health?

I would like to suggest Internal Posture plays a huge role. Attitude, heart, spirit.

The invisible mindset,

invisable heart posture

and (invisable?*) attitude account for a lot of our health. Do they not?

The tissues of the body actually take on the mindsets/emotions we possess.

If we (actually) worry all the time. Or maybe have Fear as the norm there is a 100% chance it will show up in our visceral/energetic body.

Hence why there is wisdom in getting a grasp on the visceral/energetic body?


Since we all have Feeling and feeling make up 50% of or health in 5 element, if we boil it down.


I can tell you for a fact, things run much much deeper than we think - generation blessings and generational curses get passed down in the blood line, how does western medicine deal with this?

In 5 element theory we have pre and post natal Jing. Or life force essence.

Prenatal is the constitution we got from our ancestors. Post natal jing is the life force essence we her from our life choices. Most specifically the food we eat and the air we breath. Jing is Life force essence. Some people have more Life experiences than others? More sparks of life inside

Bottom line, after attitude I believe ... we need to take it back to The Cellular level.

There are broader spectrums here and there.

So what is cellular level health?

Cellular level health, in the most simple view is, when the smallest minut parts of us are aligned rightly for their proper and full function. Sometimes debris, toxins, unmetabolized junk can war against cells. Sometimes they win.

All sorts if things can happen when our deepest self isn't braced with what it needs.

We want all of our systems operating at the highest capacity possible, right?

Cellular health = wisdom

There are many practical things (that are simple) to do to drastically improve overall cellular health. Fun, simple, seasonal things that will move blood, qi, lymph like no other.

In 5 element theory we go with the season, rest in winter because it is slow, the most yin element (water). And, on contrast are most active in summer, the most yang element (fire)

We follow the seasons in eastern medicine, and bolster the meridians/organs of that season/element.

The goal is cellular health and visceral health.

A healthy body, an OBX Body.. is a body healthy from the inside out. One that feels comfortable in our skin and that lives with some touches of eden #beautifularoma

The ancient path holds a lot of wisdom. There is nothing wrong with "universal energy." / understanding how heat and dampness and wind can get in the body.

But don't forget cellular level

Chemical compounds

From the garden

When we get back to the ancient path/garden (the eden route) we will be radiant, we will glow. 🙏🙏 #insideout

Who doesn't like to glow? it happens best when we can live from the inside out.

I believe living in the spirit is the #1 way to "be in health." Spirit actually shows up in our body as strength and Alignment. In all of our tissues.

But again.. art, science and battleground?

5 element theory and earth medicine is mind blowing when you discover the wisdom.

Nature/universal energy is brilliant and smarter than us for sure.

The #1 benefit being SELF EMPOWERMENT

5 element theory, earth medicine is not God, but was surely created by God. This 5000 year old natural medicine based on nature and universal energy is awesome. (Universal and natural laws.)

There are natural laws like gravity, an object in motion tends to say in motion etc. Natural laws are true for everyone - dependent from culture. Super natural and natural laws Must Be Implemented to gain the best quality of health.

The bottom line:

THE BATTLE is for life (every day) quality of life. Cellular level.

Because of thing, being proactive is necessary.


Well we use the highest form of natural wisdom. Plant frequency. Essential oils.

Nature, simply, is smarter than us and nothing has a higher frequency of life than essential oils. Literally

The life essence or "blood" of plants and flowers can cause your cells to dance and shake loose things it doesn't need, or that hinders. True healing can happen because , nature knows best. (After God)

It is a flushing of the cells.

There are 1000"s of natural chemical compounds in nature. Most of which have been discovered. When in doubt #gardenlife #eden

Beautiful fragrance

What if you knew your body better than any doctor ever could, and self care was fun. What if you could treat yourself, scientifically.

5 element theory is the new science. You can learn it in 1 year. Practically

Did you know,

Each of the elements either generate or control another element?


Back to THE FIGHT IS FOR LIFE AND LIFE ABUNDANT, Life and quality of life. Cellular level.

Check out the chart

Sometimes it is simply a frequency/science thing. (As to why we are displaying a symptom)

Even eating live foods can't do what daily essential oil therapy can do.

And the standard American diet today doesn't include much live food. But "processed/dead stuff."

#thefightisforlife ?

How much spark do you have?

Some things are simply Frequency, vibration, natural or super natural law.


Spirit is out greatest asset for health for sure *holy and human. But science is useful. Specifically the science/art of earth medicine and eden- a path that gives beautiful fragrance and wonderful beauty.


We are still required to go inward though

My goal is to help you bolster and explore the inner world. Your visceral and energetic health. Because your visceral and energetic health is linked to holy and human spirit and spirit is linked to visceral and energetic bodies.