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Fascia : Spirit and Internal Posture

Updated: May 28, 2019

The human body is truly fascinating. #Life, the actual spark is truly fascinating. #ThereAreCatalyst

I like to ask people to

Where Do you think Spirit Show Up In The body?

Hands, fingers, knees and toes? 🙂💪👣

Spirit is Everywhere right?

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Does God exists?

A creator, an orchestrator? an Artist 🖼

Does the creator God

live in you?

Do you believe God lives in you?

Do you Think God lives in You?

Do you FEEL God lives in YOU?

Where does God live?

I believe, he lives in You

(please say he does)


He is In your gut. :-) your intuition

He lives in your bones, He is in your "every fiber"

(the question is is He, in your spirit :-)

I have been doing massage therapy / bodywork for about 20 years.

Not spa massage, healing holistic bodywork therapy

#therapy #HealingWork and I know spirit impacts the body highly.

do you every think about that? #spiritbodyconnection

I moved to Kansas City to be apart of the International House of Prayer,

in 2004 ended up teaching massage therapy

out of obedience.

It was then, I learned what I do.

And I work with nerves and fascia.

Up until I taught massage therapy,

the #grid I had for what I did


I feel energy for a living - I touch people- they cry and release stuff-

:-P its great

I am an empath. I am a healer

Being a healer is wild.

One lady the first second I touched her, she said 'you are a healer"

in 1 second. because she saw blue, and would see blue if a healer would touch her.

when you just know where to touch,

it can be easy

But Guess What


I Have A Gift...

It is a gift

A Gift,

It is an Anointing :-)

I am Gifted

Anointed to do healing massage therapy

pure and simple

The body is so amazing.

I hope to share with you,

some of the PRACTICAL things to truly strengthen your inner world.

I Believe God Lives In You

He lives in your breath, your bones, your nerves and fascia specifically :-)

(and hormones)

My question ??

is God (God In Your Body?)

dependent on anything?

On any factors?


Chemical responses are dependent on lots and lots of things.

Did you know Mood Sensor Technology is now becoming big.

As, my friend and amazing aromatherapy wonder Carol Gay Fagerhaugh, of Aromatherapy Health Today Blogspot reminds us :

Metabolizing #STUFF is important.

What kind of stuff?

Chemicals, bacteria, viruses, experiences

~ Emotions


What ABOUT those #emotions

#feelings #experiences

I don't want to jump ahead to far but the spark,

that creates power and umph, #power

does seem to related to inside activity.

Mindset, heart and spirit seem to be the top 3 things that change chemical activity

in our body.

I challenge you to Google muscle testing.

In general, it is safe to say :

things either weaken us or strengthen us,

(we will get into Chinese medicine 5 element theory soon)

my scientific earth medicine go to

Putting #time and #energy in the Right Place

is so important.

It actually helps us live longer.

Learning to rule and reign

#theinside #emotions

Aids the body greatly


get created very slowly. In all reality it is

at the (#paceofnature) we grown.

It is the pace of nature we grow

(unless you have the anointing around)

if we are going bottom line

Who likes the bottom line?

It pays to figure out health.

Health, internal and external POSTURE

get created over time. And Choices.

Every yes and every no ^ has the power to inflate or deflate #Spirit.

The god of the universe does live in you?

You have a conscious? a spirit?

How to you know if you are in alignment?

Does your spirit in form of gut, heart, conscious speak?

I really really want to encourage you to tap into the inner world, to your gut, to your spirit.



Drum roll please

We have the #ANOINTING around...

then we ^ grow supernaturally

a lot lot faster.

Everyone loves the anointing, you just may not recognize it.

The anointing is when heaven and earth meet

that Space, is always interesting

(very much so)

The anointing shows up in your body. it really does.

Are you creating from Spirit?

In you body?

from the anointing?

I think it is the #1 thing anyone can do

Is live where heaven and earth meet (#inyourworld)

I know everyone has different capacities

But there Is an anointing on everyones life.

Finding it - will certainly give a boost.

Fascia is a magical tissue

It has the unique quality to

Lighten up or GET VERY TENSE

(It creates adhesions and scar tissue ultimately) but this - #flexibility is

all done by the properties of #thixotrophy #viarables

Your gut knowing

And heart burn could be

The spirit of God talking?

Freedom on the inside is the goal

I believe that is possible

when we are aligned with blood, bone, breath.


Guts, heart bones and blood.

Then we will be stronger,

Therefore live longer

That is all for today.


It is when we tune in,

That we turn up :-)

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Ashli Marshall

OBX Bodyworker