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generate or Control? sedate or Stimulate? #opposites

The basics of Chinese Medicine is Yin and Yang and 5 elements. All have function. The 5 elements either GENERATE or CONTROL other elements

Most people are flexible? (true or false?)

Flexibility would be huge attribute to the WOOD element.

It could be considered the 1st of the elements. or the Beginning of the cycle.

(new growth, green) Ages 0-8.

The wood element includes the liver and gall bladder,

its relates to the eyes, tendons, anger, WIND, and sour.

In the spring we bolster the gall bladder, liver and other basic elemental contributors.

More to come, pace of nature is slow ;-P

Each meridian has their own 2 hour time slot - "its their time"

If you get tired at a certain time, or wake up at a certain time in the night.. Perhaps see what meridian is working #clues

Energetic balancing, nerve and fascia health, massage therapy is great at

helping one get in tune with the inner world. Getting in touch with the inner world is the goal.