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Catching up can be hard to do..

I went to lunch with a good friend yesterday

We have been friends for over 20 years.

She told me I am not a nurturer..

I tried to disagree. But, she may be right.

I guess I lean more towards being a (truth speaker)

and... the truth isn't always easy or fun.

The truth is..

Life can be Hard?

Health, Love, Great relationships don't come easy?

Mant people I see don't really seem, in the flow, happy or at peace.

(Look around the next time you are at the store.. do you see joy?)

When you watch the news- it can be overwhelming

suicide rates are up incredibly~

Mental illness is at an all time high, especially with the youth -

There is a lot going on ~

John Stott says, "Truth without love is too hard; love without truth is too soft."

Are hard, or soft -

At heart?

The goal....


is to be BALANCED?

In The Zone -

Which happens to be the grey spot, by the way

the way of faith (the unseen/the gut/the visceral/ the inner knowing)

Have you catered to your inner world much lately?

When we are In The Zone -

We are "perfectly working

And Perfectly Resting -

Being in the zone, or On Edge :-)

-is possible-

but not without work

and not without rest


I may not be an extreme nurturer -

But I do care -

And I believe caring is what it takes ?

So, I am sorry if I never emailed you back,

or followed up. If I haven't provided the education

Truth be known,

I have had a lot on my plate ~

But I do care.

I have been analyzing things

I believe one of the most important things we can do,


Take Care

(care for our self, our Inner World)

Which I hope to teach on,

so you can know yourself better

Taking care of our self,

is the only way to truly take care of others

I believe ALL PEOPLE should get bodywork

at least once a quarter - (each season)

if you can't do every month, or every few weeks

At Least Once A Quarter

Self Care is very important, it creates a better quality of life. and = Life

is the goal


a better Quality of Life ?

The fight is for life

So ~~

We sorta need to be proactive.

We must work at it?

It doesn't always come Easy -

Life just isn't designed that way.

Have you heard of thieves oil?

the essential oil?

After, proper breath

(breath about your problems, don't just pray or think about them -

literally breath about them)

My number one recommendation is

essential oil Therapy -


(no matter what I do/can do = it won't matter if YOU don't do your part)

Life and health come from Choices -

Heart and mindset.

and There is nothing with a higher frequency or vibration than essential oils

Do you use them? As a part of your self care

There are so many chemical compounds in Plants - Earth Medicine Rocks

Essential Oils, however, have been abused and misused -

The TRUTH is -

Less is more, and Yin is In-

Once I switched from the essential oils I was using, to OBX Body essential oils-

I noticed a change in my health..

We Do Not Always Need To SMACK Things Around ??

I know most are used to trying to

(push push// make it happen)

But we Must be patience, we must be

at ease. At least some....

So I am offering 2 specials today - online

Trying to catch up with myself.

Once I am caught up I will write more:-)

But today I am offering $20 off a bodywork session Plus a free Germ Buster Essential Oil

(the same essential oils as Gary Young's Thieves Oil from Young Living -

Legend had it the thieves would use when robbing dead people -(during Bubonic plague)

It kills viruses, bacteria, fungus - aka the things that rob us.

Made up of a blend of 100% pure Essential Oils: Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Rosemary

So for $100 you get a 75 minute session and a free Germ Buster Essential oil.

When you Books Online In The Next 48 Hours..

-> I know this email is going out late <-

so you have 48hrs

But if you want the best value

(Remember it is what we do Daily that matters)

Get my signature package ->

which includes

rose water

womans exotic bath/massage oil

jasmine lotion

AND my signature Face Oil

The face oil is ^ most important

because ^^^

Who WantsTo See A Shiny Happy Faces?? :-D

Nerves and Fascia have to do with inner world maintenance->


We Can Smile And Control OUR FACE

(ya think?)


I have learned a lot the last little bit ^

and -

choosing heart, mind and face ATTITUDE

is so very important.

but, science is still important:-)

5 element theory is the new science by the way..

So, I am offering my signature Package for only $50

(normally $84)



I am a bit maxed out at what I can do -

physically -

But I want to help EMPOWER


via - education, heart, intent and Knowledge.

SKIN is our biggest organ -

It protects us from the outside world.

And, if we are going to do things rightly

we are gonna -

guard it and take care of it --

I believe in switching up the Nervous System

(a lot)

And, we need to all be using essential oils daily-

But perhaps not the way the MLM companies teach

a little softer -

You will not smell like a hippy,

when you use my products daily -

You will get all the benefits of essential oils,

but in proper proportion --

As always ~ I am (on edge) :-)

Or trying to catch up with myself/be in the zone... nurture a little more

So I Wanted To Touch Base

I feel so many of you guys energy

and heart, and feel like many people

are simply waiting on me.

so I'm doing what I can.

You can pick your package and schedule online here :


Remember, Heart and Spirit =.The Invisable trump all things.

But I do believe in some science -

5 element theory is the new science-

Yin is in

I hope to see you soon!

Ashli Marshall

OBX Bodyworker



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