I honestly think everyone needs to go see Ashli and have her genuine and kind, thoughtful and intuitive bodywork done. It is different from any massage experience I've had and in a positively, refreshing way! Give her a call, you all need this! I will see her again!


Helping people feel good

is my passion. I have found Internal posture plays a huge role. 

Attitude, Heart, Spirit & Mindset

Our invisible self can be examined.

Did you know there is a science to it?

I am willing to share some information that has the potential to be life changing.  If you apply it.  And it is simple.  It could be the night and day difference you are looking for 

Learn practical ways to deal with emotion and relieve stress.

Now is your chance to learn more about your invisible body.

Stress, injury and and pain (heart break) can wreck havoc,

but we can combat, cope and deal with these things

all we face?

Body therapy is one of the best

ways to process, combat and metabolize all we face.


I will share what I feel are the 2 most important components 

to Self Care

There may be a couple "systems" you are not familiar with


I work with "nerves and fascia." 

Most people aren't familiar with fascia,

it is a sort of new discovery. 


Fascia Is A Must Acknowledge. 

(connective tissue that surrounds everything)

But there is much much more I would love to share


As a licensed massage therapist of 20 years, former massage instructor,"healer," lightworker, empath, intercessor & advocate of feeling good the healthy ways... I pretty much can guarantee I have value to share

How Is Your Cellular Spark And Energy Levels?

How Is Your Spirit?

How Is Your Heart

How Are Your Nerves

Do You Feel Aligned,

Are You At Peace


The invisible is so powerful, in the body. 

But where does it show up?


How Do You Regulate The Invisible?


The Invisable Is Most Important?

Are you up for

a journey?

Living From The Inside Out May Be A Lost Art.

 But Perhaps We Can Know Our Body Better Than We Think.

Keeping And Gaining Personal Power Is Good

Enhanced Quality Of Life IS The Name Of The Game.

We Grow At The Pace Of Nature, 

There Are Very Few Instant Fixes... 

Slow And Steady Seems To Win The Race Every Time.  


Are you up for learning about the invisible?

I'm offering vital life giving information that has the potential to be life changing. 

The Invisible Is Important. 

Heart, Spirit, Mindset, Emotions... 


"Taking Care Of Our Invisible Self Is Important

Because Our Invisible Self Is Eternal (Our True Self)

I Want To Share What I Consider The Two Most Important Components For Health,

The goal is cellular strength and power.

You Will Receive The Into Course

"Starter Videos and Pdfs."

I have realized over the years

The invisible is more real than the visible.


But how does one measure the invisible?

Easier than one might imagine.

I WIll Share The Two Systems/ Components I Can Almost Guarantee You Aren't Currently Thinking About 

My specialty is nerve and fascia work.  Are you familiar with fascia?

There is so much being discovered and uncovered right now.

Let Me Take You On A Bodywork Therapy Journey.

We truly grow at the pace of nature.

Slow~~~ Do You Wanna Connect?


The cost:


And A Prayer.  We Are Dealing With 

Heart And The Invisible Right?

Life Isn't Always Easy, When You Feel Energy For A Living 

Not All Energy Is "Great"

I cam thoroughly teach you the bare necessities of Invisible Self​ and its up to you to explore ​and continue to learn Self Care

What You Will Receive:

  • 31 page ebook in Nerves, Fascia, and Essential Oils

  • Overview of the 2 biggest components to concentrate on when focusing on health

  • Educational PDFS

  • 1 Teaching Email A Month For 12 Months

  • Last But Not Least, I will share,pace of nature style

  • You Have Access To Me. I Will Pray For You (Daily)

  • An OBX Body Puts The Invisible FIrst.  We can learn the systems.

  •  Healthy From The Inside Out

  • Learn The Most Practical Ways To Produce A Healthy Body



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I believe there are two components to actively pursue to have the best quality of life.  (and the trump card) But   And how to simply and practically bolster health.  I will bring you into the upper room journey as well.