Ashli Marshall, LMBT 

Fighting The Invisible Enemy 




I honestly think everyone needs to go see Ashli and have her genuine and kind, thoughtful and intuitive bodywork done. It is different from any massage experience I've had and in a positively, refreshing way! Give her a call, you all need this! I will see her again!



Hello and welcome. 

Ashli Marshall here licensed massage and

bodywork therapist on the beach of NC. 

About Me:

I discovered very early on I have a supernatural gift "of healing"

It is still interesting every day to live more in 5th dimension.

If interested google the term, "Empath."

I am an Empath. 


  I feel energy/vibes/subtle invisible stuff 

Everyone has stuff hidden in their energetic body. 

Fear, unforgiveness, pride, love, joy peace and such

How is your invisible self?

How is your heart? How is YOUR Spirit?

Have you ever gotten "bad vibes" from someone?

Our Vibes Affect So Much. 

Your Countenance

 An Organ

Did You Know

Did You Know We Can Bolster The Invisible-

In a systematic scientific kinda way

In Bodywork

I do"energetic work through tissue manipulation

or "nerve and fascia work."

And Online I am Teaching What That Means :-) 

Would you be open to learning

keys to "maintaining and containing" your inner world?

How Are Your Nerves And Fascia Today?

 Your Internal Posture?

Clearing Cellular Clutter Is The Name Of The Game



A Little More About Me: 

In 2006 moved to Kansas City to be apart of the

International House Of Prayer.

( has been doing 24/7 prayer and worship

for 20 years straight.)

I wanted to do "2 or 3 massages a day and pray,"

because I am a simple beach girl.

But I ended up Teaching Massage

(out of listening to internal directions....)  


Teaching was fun, I learned a lot

I also did one year on staff at the international house of prayer. 

And now consider my current office space now..

an Upper Room" (Where Spirit Is 1st)


THE KICKER........

The invisible plays a huge role in health. 

I teach practical aspects of this.....

Heart, Spirit, Attitude make the biggest difference in internal posture.

It Is What We Bolster-

But there are 2 specific "systems or components" I believe everyone needs to think/nourish/bolster about daily


 20+ years of teaching and doing bodywork therapy

qualifies to share with you


The Bottom Lines -  

I am a simple beach girl, aiming to teach the basics


Who knows without strong foundations, things don't lasts long 

It is good when we are in alignment, powered up, healthy.

Thanks for stopping by..

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