Hi, my name is Ashli Marshall.  Bodywork theraist in Kitty Hawk NC.  I hope you are well.

Feeling good on the inside?  Powered up with cellular spark, vitality, peace and joy? #healthy


Bodymind connection (and calling people back to the ancient path) is the anointing on my life.

Are living in the anointing on your life?


The anointing is what seems to bring heave



I moved to Kansas City in 2004, to be part of the International House Of Prayer, and ended up teaching massage threapy out there, Strictly out of obedience.  I had a 500hr certificate. and taught a 1200hr associated degree (the hands on and lecture part for massage)   It was at that time I learned exactly what I do.  And that is, I work with nerves and fascia. Great order keepers.  Are you familiar with fascia ? It is your largest organ.  Up until teaching massage, clients told me I was a healer, and I didn't understand it.  I always felt there is Science based around what I feel ..  (spirit) #unwinding  #nervesandfascia


So can we get serious though?

Have you looked around lately?


There are a lot of people that don't have joy, peace and

contentment // connection – or alignment.  There are a lot of people with Out shiny happy faces. (do you have a shiny happy face? Please say yes? If not lets fix that? :-)


Therea are wayyyyy to many People without that  inner smile

And That Inner Smile is Very Important.

Jesus came to occupy, no?


that should make us Very happy?


If you are Happy -  and at peace

it will show up as life force spark,(power) creating cellular health.

In your body, no?


A joyful heart doeth good like a medicine right ?


Life can be hard, and is very interestng.

But, in all these years  (radically serving Jesus for 20 years)

I have learned.



That is

Our Greatest

Asset For Heath

Christians included :-) :-p

If you wanna be Healthy, live in the spirit-


If you wanna be Healthier,


Learn How To Connect To and Live in The Spirit -

Becoming familyar with your

Your Inner World, Your Inner Posture.

Is important


Fasica -----

Just like spirit

takes on the form (of things)

dependent on many factors.

What factors are you sending out,

that affects the flow of holy spirit in your body?

Sin causes Death you know?

How is your sin life?

(hopefully repented for?)


 Where does Spirit show up in Your body?

Does the spirit of God dwell in your body?

 Does He dwell your tissues?

If so, Where exactly? In your heart? In your kidneys? In your eye?

Where and how does the spirit connect to the body?

How does the ivnisable connect to the visable


Body, mind, spirit connection, is awesome and powerul.

 I hope to bring some true value


I do know some absolute ways to

connect to spirit 100% of the time



I think we need revival?

Can you help, by being one commited to peace and joy on the inside

no matter what the outer world looks like?

The inner world can ALWAYS look good.



I believe Joel 2 is one of the most important books of your time.

Are you haprt of the Army? Do you know your position and place?

Everyone has a position and place-

It is alignment that is key.


Communities comminted to Living in the spirit is what we need.

 It is our inner world need that needs to be maintainted and contained.

I believe it is very prudent to EMBRACE AND FIGHT FOR 

Faith, Hope, and Love again

Faith hope and love have so much power

in our inner worlds


Lets bring revival to our land, by  - bowing down and submitting, to a holy God-

Who loves us and wants relationship with us, more than anything – breath by breath, yes by yes, no by no. He Is Here NOW – Can you feel him, can you sense him,  Is he whispering ?

Conscoousness speaks, the gut speaks, the health, speaks

your bones speak-

are you listening


But there is the thing-----

we need to see others doing it

to do it, sometimes.



Attitude, minset, spirit become your your cellular DNA


Every yes and ever no either makes us weaker or stronger

do you listen to your gut?




I want to help with some practical ways to strengthen

and stay in the spirit

but what does your guy say?

Do you want to stay connected?

Do you want to commit to living in the spirit, on purpose?

Today and every day?

You don't have to put in on your car to

shine your life before other?

Light needs to penetrate the darkness no?


But putting the decal out in public, is a reminder :

Keep Calm and stay in the spirit. It is all we need. ?

Happy, healthy shiny glowy lovie people



It can be hard to walk in the spirit all the time, iron sharens iron, and I want to share some practical ways – that are helpful

I could use some encouragement here as well. I am calling for revival.

Are you in?


When we live in the spirit, yes, there is peace

and joy and . (supernatural stuff)



I would like to SUBMIT to you



and going back the the ancient path


the world desperately needs more  people to truly LIVE and  BE

faith hope and love.


Do you have a shiny happy face,  Are you a reflection of him

on the inside?


Lets be the keeper of the atmosphere,  by

living in the spirit, on purpose.  .


As a bodywork therapist of 20 years, intercessor, former instructore etc.

I can tell you.  Spirit shows up in our bodies. All kinds of spirit-

and it does different things to, hormones, chemical exchanges and all sorts.  People Who  Live  in the spirit will change a lost and dying world.

 Are you in?

Living in the spirit will can change your CELLULAR DNA

are you in?


It is the #one way to be healthy.  Mindset, inner posture





Self Control



you choose Love




Heart and spirit posture

are everything.


Lets encourage one another?


Grab your free car decal today.


I will also send you the free nerve and fascia download

so you can know your body a little better

as well as




I send these car decals out Personally-

I put them in the envelop

So I will say a pray of blessing over you.


I do believe in prayer as well.


My office space is the highest eleveated space in Kitty Hawk,

east side of the bypass

Great ocean views- I call it my upper room.


I finially get to do what I went to Kansas City to do :

“do 2 or 3 a day (massages) and pray”


I am an intercessor at heart.

We need more holy spirit, can you help?

It is truly every yes and every no – that makes a difference

We grow at the pace of nature.

When we trust your gut.

What does your gut say?


Do you want to be one who chooses to be in the spirit?

For life?

An atmosphere keeper, who smiles? A lot


If so, get yours now-


My commitment is to do the best I can

to serve you, in your journey of Life


Lets connect and stay aligned.


Be Well,


In Him,


Ashli Marshall

OBX Bodyworker


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