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The Invisable Is Most Important?

factoring in the invisible

Living From The Inside Is The Hot Topic.

How Often Do We Think About

Our "Inner World"

Our Inner World Is Actually Very Important

When It Comes To Health

We All Have An Inner World

And An Outer World


Inner World Is Most Important,

When It Comes To Being Strong

And Healthy In Spirit, Heart & Attitude

How Is Your Invisible Self?








Now Is A Good Time To Think About The Invisible

And Boosting The Deepest Parts Of Us

Spirit Seems To Trumps All- 

Heart, Spirit, Mindset, Attitude. 

But What About SCIENCE?

Ancient Path Science :-)

We Do Pay Attention To Science?

Absolutely #factsanddata

There Are Two Systems / Or Components To Think About

When It Comes To Bolstering Health

(And Only 2 The Way I See It)

Spirit Is Most Important

But Then What?




The 2 Systems I Believe

We Need To Pay Attention To

Can't Be Seen With The Naked Eye~

Taking Care Of Our Invisible Self Means

Taking Care Of The Eternal

It Is The Time Of The Inward Journey,

Are You In?

I Want To Share With You.. Life Enhancement Tools

 The Goal Is Cellular Strength And Power, Longevity,

Enhanced Immunity.

I Can/Will Give You The Basics (Broad Strokes)

Of The Two Systems I Feel Are So Important. 

It's Up To You To Explore ​And Continue To Learn Self

But I Will Be With You Each Step


 If You Take Me Up On This Offer ~

Next Level Living Could Be The Result

You Will Receive REAL tools,

for self care and personal empowerment;

for the next year.

You Will Receive:

  • My 31 page ebook in Nerves, Fascia, and Essential Oils   (What Is Fascia Anyway, And How Does It Relate To Posture)

  • Overview Of The 2 biggest Components To Concentrate On When Focusing On Health

  • Educational PDFS​​


  •  Access To Me.  I Do Call My Space The #upperroom

  • The Right To Purchase And Distribute

Pure Therapeutic Grade (Aromatherapy Grade) Essential Oils

It Is Time To Rise Up, Unit, BE Strong And RECEIVE LIFE


Being Strong Is A Blessing. 

Having A Healthy Spirit,

Attitude, Heart And Mindset Take Us Places

Nothings Else Can Or Will. 

But Let Us Not Forget About Our Body. 

I Am A Bodyworker.

My Intro Course Covers Very Practical Information Everyone Can Use To Enhance Their Quality Of Life

For Them And Their Family

Is Worth Way More Than The $99 I Charge Per Session







 It Is Time For The Shiny Happy Faces To ~ Arise And Thrive

Good Vibes, Good Energy

Get My Intro Course Now And Take A Little Journey

Get The Ebook, The PDF's, The Overview Of The Two Components For Health, Access To Purchase And Sell Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils at 1/2 The Price

Of The Big Guys

Learn Your Invisible Visceral Self.

Learn About Your Nerves And "Fascia."

Learn How To Maintain And Contain

#theinvisible In Ways You Never Knew

 For Any Donation


 Healthy From The Inside Out- 

Ashli Marshall

OBX Bodyworker

Now OBX BODY :-)

I Would Appreciate Your Support During This Time As Well

Get The Info For Any Donation!!

OBX Bodyworker specializes in Deep Therapeutic Relaxation.  Nerve and Fascia Unwinding.  She has taught  Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Myofascial Massage, Acupressure and Aromatherapy.  Outer Banks Massage Therapu. 

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