OBX Bodyworker specializes in Deep Therapeutic Relaxation.  Nerve and Fascia Unwinding.  She has taught  Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Myofascial Massage, Acupressure and Aromatherapy.  Outer Banks Massage Therapu. 

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Ashli Marshall, LMT 





I honestly think everyone needs to go see Ashli and have her genuine and kind, thoughtful and intuitive bodywork done. It is different from any massage experience I've had and in a positively, refreshing way! Give her a call, you all need this! I will see her again!


Do you enjoy feeling good and showing up optimized? 

Massage therapy and bodywork therapy are great for this.  

Stress, injury and and pain are the things we address in life?

There may be a couple "systems" you are not familiar with though,  that can help with stress, injury and pain relief.  Ashli Marshall specifically works with "nerves and fascia." 


Most people aren't familiar with fascia, as it is a sort of new discovery. But Fascia Is A Must Acknowledge. 


It kinda lets us know "where we are in time and space." 

(a bid deal)


As a licensed massage therapist of 20 years, former massage instructor,"healer," lightworker, empath, intercessor & advocate of feeling good the healthy way, she has learned a few things.


Technically Ashli does is "energetic work through tissue manipulation."  But the tissues addressed are Nerves And Fascia. 


How Are Your Nerves Today?


How Is Your Fascia Feeling?


The invisible is so powerful, in the body.  But where does it show up?

(how is your attitude & mindset?)


We hold tension and stress in all of the tissues of our body.  (even in our spirit?) Stress goes to nerves, fascia, organs, not just muscle.


How do you stay "defragment" and stay optimized?


The Invisable Is Most Important?

Going Next Level,

Via The Body...


Living From The Inside Out Is The Ultimate, And

We Can Know Our Body Better Than Most People Think.

We Can And Should Know Our Bodies Better Than Any Doctor

I Am Not An Advocate For Giving Away Power, But Keeping Power  

Nerves, Tissues and Organs (Not Just Muscles) All Benefit From "Unwinding"

(They All Store Stress)

We Can "Unwind" These Fibers, Tissues And Systems

Enhanced Quality Of Life IS The Name Of The Game.

If You Are Interested In A Session With Ashli

Please Call 252-591-1629 To Discuss Session Goals

Her "Energetic Work Through Tissue Manipulation 

Or Nerve And Fascia Work"

Is $150hr with a 1.5hour minimum.

Sometimes Touching On 1 Point, Can Change Ones Entire World.

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Ashli Realizes Not Everyone Can Get On Her Table. 

So... She Created/ Is Creating Something For Anyone Who Values Self Care."

And Anywone Who Wants An OBX Body - (A Body That Lives From The Inside Out)

For $20.20 You Can Learn Details, Facts And Data, About The Invisible You.

Over The Course Of 1 Year, Ashli Will Teach What She Feels, And Has Learned In 20 Years

To Be The Two Most Important Components To Focus On, When It Comes to Health. 

We Grow At The Pace Of Nature, TRULY-

There Are Very Few Instant Fixes... Slow And Steady Style.  Well That Is Wisdom....

Ashli's Passion Is Bodywork Therapy, Feeling Good The Healthy Way

But Also ~ Tuning Into The Inner world

The Invisible Is Most Important.  Heart, Spirit, Mindset, Emotions...But 


I Would Like To Suggest....  It Is Easier Than We Think (Or Practically Know)

Simplicity The Best, And There Are Some Simple, Practical Things

We Call All Know, That Greatly Enhance Life Flow-

If The Goal Is Feeling Good, Having Life And Vitality In Our Cells

And Countenance (The Invisible You) #2020  Get This Intro Course

It Pays To Combat Stress And Pain.   (From The Inside Out)

Knowing The Invisible Is Awesome.

Quality Of Life Is So Important This Information Could Be Life Changing...

"Taking Care Of Our Invisible Self Is Super Important Because Our Invisible Our True Self. And Eternal.

ashli marshall

Over The Course Of 12 Months You Will Be Given Education To Support Your Deepest Self

As Well As The Basic Introduction- What The Two Components Are, And The trump Card.  You Will Receive "Starter Videos and Pdfs."

Really There Are Only 2 Main Components To Health. 

2 Components (That Take 12 Months To Learn)

Thank You So Much For Stopping By- I Hope To See More Of You

Who Doesn't Like Journeys?

I'll Be Your Personal Health Coach And Advocate,

Ashli Marshall



I have realized over the years

The invisible is more real than the visible.


But how does one measure the invisible?

Easier than one might imagine.

I WIll Share The Two Systems/ Components I Can Almost Guarantee You Aren't Currently Thinking About 

My specialty is nerve and fascia work.  Are you familiar with fascia?

There is so much being discovered and uncovered right now.

Let Me Take You On A Bodywork Therapy Journey.

 A 12 month journey

Only because, we truly grow at the pace of nature.


In order to truly process and absorb all the information, it will take time.

Basically 1 email a month, after the first Intro....


The cost is $20.20

And A Prayer.  Yes I Am Asking For A Prayer.  We Are Dealing With 

Heart And The Invisible Right?

Life Isn't Always Easy, When You Feel Energy For A Living 

Not All Energy Is "Great"

For $20.20

I will thoroughly teach you the bare necessities of Invisible Self​ And Self Care

What You Will Receive:

  • 31 page ebook in Nerves, Fascia, and Essential Oils

  • Overview of (what I feel after 20 years in business) are the 2 biggest components to concentrate on when focusing on health

  • Educational PDFS

  • 1 Teaching Email A Month For 12 Months

  • Last But Not Least, I Bring You Into My Space And World

  • You Have Access To Me. I Will Pray For You (Daily)

  • I Will Hold Space For You.. Why Not?

  • An OBX Body Is Healthy From The Insideout

Gut Check Anyone?  Meet Me On The Other side... I Have Much More To Share..



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